Certified Translation Services Trusted by Attorneys

All Certified Translation Services Are Not Created Equal

Legal document translation demands precision, experience, and special knowledge. Certified translations accompanied by an affidavit of translation require accuracy and skills. Plenty of translation companies in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Denver can translate foreign language chat conversations, emails, magazine articles, and so on. But if you want to truly look your best when you plead your client’s case to the trial court, or deal with people from other cultures, don’t entrust your legal translation to non-specialists. Seek out a legal translation company whose certified translation services are trusted by lawyers.

Certified Translations Accepted by World Court, U.S. Courts

You can rely on All Language Alliance, Inc. to produce the best certified translations of all manner of documents and texts that will be admissible in evidence and accepted by U.S. courts and by world court, domestic and international regulatory agencies, the USCIS, the USITC, U.S. government offices, foreign embassies, DMV, professional licensing boards and educational credential evaluators.

Sure, there are lower-priced translation agencies out there that translate documents. But the quality of their work doesn’t come close to matching the quality of our certified document translation services.

And isn’t the quality of the certified translation by official translators what matters most?

No matter what kind of legal translation you need, high quality certified translation services by All Language Alliance, Inc. give your company the best first impression you can possibly give to a judge or a business contact both here and overseas.

Certified Translation of Apostille Documents

Your certified document translation needs matter to us. You give us your trust, and in return our certified translators provide you with the very best document translation services, confidentiality and industry-specific knowledge so that nothing gets lost in the official translation.

  • Your legal papers remain legally binding and enforceable.
  • Your financial, insurance, technical, and medical documents communicate clearly and precisely.
  • Your USCIS translation; notary certified translation of Apostille documents, Apostille certificate translations and Authentication certificate translations; sworn, authorized, notarized and certified English translations for use in the United States and abroad; flawless official translations of court documents, insurance papers, legal agreements, financial statements, academic documents, litigation papers accompanied by Certificates of Accuracy and Translator’s Affidavit read as if they were originally written in that language.

Legal Translation

legal translation of all manner of legal documents by certified translators at All Language Alliance, Inc.

Legal translation of contracts, patents, litigation documents. Legal interpreters for the USCIS immigration, citizenship interviews; depositions.

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Technical Translation

technical translation of engineering documents by experienced technical translators at All Language Alliance, Inc.

Technical translation services. Scientific and engineering translations. Technical interpreting at GMP audits of pharma facilities.

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Business Translation

corporate translations of financial, insurance, bank documents by certified translators at All Language Alliance, Inc.

Insurance claims translation services for insurance adjusters, financial translation services, business document translation services.

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Medical Translation

medical translation of clinical trials, pharmaceutical and medical documents by certified translators at All Language Alliance, Inc.

Medical translation services, pharmaceutical translations, clinical trial translation. Certified medical interpreters for IMEs, LEP patients, hospitals, medical tourists.

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