Deposition Interpreter Services

Deposition Translators in Any Language

There’s a growing need for accurate legal interpreting services for legal depositions.  Whether you’re bringing in a witness for a civil deposition in Denver, Colorado, USA, or across the world, need help understanding the foreign language e-discovery documents you’ve just received, or are trying to hold your own during cross-examination, you need the very best certified legal interpreter service in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Amharic, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Tagalog, Russian, Bengali, and other languages. After all, deposition translator and interpreter services require as much precision as legal translation services focused on legal contract translation, translating financial statements, and IP translation online. When it comes to courtroom interpreting and out-of-court legal deposition translation services for foreign and domestic litigation, nothing can be left to chance!

Luckily, you’re in the right spot… All Language Alliance, Inc. has the experienced deposition interpreters, depo translators, court-certified legal interpreters, registered court interpreters, licensed court interpreters and professionally qualified interpreters that you need!

Legal Interpreters with Deposition Translating Expertise

We’ve spent more than two decades offering on-site deposition interpreter services for legal professionals in Denver, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, San Diego, and around the world, in Hong Kong, Taipei, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Seoul. We can provide on site deposition translators in the foreign language you need in a variety of high-demand, exotic languages and rare dialects.  And we can offer you over-the-phone interpreting services (OPI), also known as remote interpreting, if there’s not an on site legal interpreter located in your specific area, or when only a telephone interpreter is available for a particular exotic language. That means you have access to the very best deposition interpreters no matter where you are!

And when we say “the very best deposition interpreters“, we mean it.

As you would expect, our on-site and over-the-phone legal interpreters are court-certified. In addition to court-certified interpreters, we provide licensed interpreters, credentialed court interpreters, as well as registered interpreters and professionally qualified legal interpreter services in the languages for which there are no court-certified interpreters in the United States. All of our legal interpreters adhere to the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of the judiciary interpreters and translators. And, of course, we’ll keep all of your information completely confidential. Those are the basics in our industry.

But here at All Language Alliance, Inc. we don’t believe in only doing the basics. We like to take things a step further…

Certified Court Interpreters for On-Site Deposition Interpretation, and Remote Over-the-Phone and Video Deposition Interpreting

We pride ourselves on being true deposition interpreting experts. In addition to the countless depositions, ITC trial proceedings, examinations under oath, examinations before trial (EBTs), insurance SIU (Special Investigative Unit) investigations, recorded statements, international arbitrations, attorney-client meetings, IMEs (“independent medical/ mental examinations”), Rule 35 Physical and Mental Examinations, vocational evaluations and assessments, depo preps, FCEs (“functional capacities examinations”), green card immigration interviews, the USCIS naturalization and adjustment of status interviews, court hearings and trials that we’ve interpreted, we run a law translation blog called “Translation for Lawyers”. And our CEO has published a white paper titled “A Lawyer’s Guide to Cross-Cultural Depositions”.

Plus, when our court translators interpret the deposition testimony of your important fact witness or expert, or your ancillary witness, they also understand how the deponent’s words fit within the framework of your witness’ culture. After all, every language and dialect comes with certain nuances and worldviews. Having someone who knows what they all entail means never having to deal with misunderstandings or assumptions that could come back to haunt you in court later.

In other words, you can rest easy knowing that the legal depositions involving our deposition translators at on-site deposition interpreting assignments, and our phone interpreter services for remote telephonic and video depos will run as smoothly as possible.

Deposition Interpreter Services in Exotic and Common Languages

In addition to legal interpreter services in Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish to English, Indonesian, Somali, our on-site and legal over-the-phone interpreters specialize in virtually any language you can imagine! We’re deposition translation experts in everything from Cantonese to Swahili, from Farsi to Romanian, from Indonesian to Mandinka, from Punjabi to Tigrinya, from Filipino to Bulgarian, from Somali to Polish, from Hebrew to Dutch, from Czech to Pashto, and more.

Trying to find legal deposition interpreters like these on your own is much harder than you think, because many exotic and less common languages aren’t included in any of the court interpreter certification exams. If you’re wondering whether we can handle the language that YOU need, simply contact us via phone or email, and we’ll connect you with the perfect legal interpreter for out-of-court interpretation assignment!

How much will it cost to hire our China interpreters, Russian interpreters, Japanese interpreters, Korean interpreters to provide interpreting services for on-site depositions?

When you need an official, lead, or primary deposition interpreter (the interpreter of record), or a check interpreter, also known as “table interpreter,” “monitor interpreter,” “party interpreter,” “defense interpreter,” “private linguistic expert“, a deponent’s assisting interpreter, or a standby depo interpreter, contact All Language Alliance, Inc. to inquire about deposition interpretation services in Denver, CO, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. We’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation legal interpretation price quote.

Ready to reserve a certified translator for a deposition in the U.S., or for a foreign deposition abroad?

Contact our legal depo interpreting company about all manner of legal interpretation services- from domestic depositions in the United States to mock depos to remote phone depositions to foreign depositions taken in non-US venues by filling out the green form ” Translate Documents Now!” on the right side of this page. Your clients deserve the very best China interpreters, Russian interpreters, Japanese interpreters, Korean interpreters, Spanish/English interpreters for legal/court assignments with experience in deposition interpretation services.  And All Language Alliance, Inc. is ready to provide deposition translation services to your law firm!