Medical Translation Services

IRB Compliant Certified Medical Translation Services for Clinical Trials

Looking for medical document translation services from English to Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, German, Japanese, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, or to Portuguese spoken in Mozambique for worldwide clinical trials for IRB submissions? Needing healthcare document translation services from French to English?  Or are you a U.S. medical device company looking for an English to Korean interpreter to communicate with a South Korean medical equipment manufacturer on a regular basis via Zoom?

If you’re dealing with patients, medical tourists, or health care consumers who speak a different language it’s imperative that all information is communicated accurately with the help of medical document translation service you can trust.

Our pharmaceutical translation service utilizes expert medical translators who not only are fully fluent in a foreign language and the language of medicine, but also have a medical background. Some are pharmacists, M.D.’s, or have Ph.D.’s in biomedical sciences, chemistry, life sciences, or evolutionary developmental biology (EDB, also known as “Evo-Devo”).  So these subject matter experts are used to translating medical terminology and healthcare procedures.

Our professional medical document translation service is here to provide multilingual support to clinical research organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, the NIH, the U.S. FDA, the HHS, global regulatory agencies, and health care providers seeking regulatory approvals of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and in vitro diagnostic products (IVDs).  Our certified medical translation services help your company obtain regulatory approvals both here and abroad.

Clinical Research Translation Services Accompanied by a Certificate of Translation Approved by the American Translators Association

Simply translating a clinical research or a clinical study document word for word won’t do. Words can have different meanings not just in different languages, but in different regions as well. What makes sense in one language could have a totally different meaning in another. A single mistake in a medical paper could not only put your company’s image at risk, it could open you up to lawsuits or expensive fines. It could also jeopardize the health of a patient.

The distribution of drugs and medical devices around the world expands your market, but also expands your potential for liability. When a patient is reading a form or a manual, they must be able to understand it immediately and have no question about what something means. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies must understand precisely any instructions or correspondence you supply them with. When you work with All Language Alliance, Inc., you can rest assured that your clinical study translations, clinical trial translations and clinical research document translations will be done appropriately and accurately.

Medical Translator Services for Healthcare

Our medical document translation company employs certified medical translators fluent in the language of healthcare and medicine to deliver confidential translations of the following documents and more into over 100 languages and English:

  • Manuals for medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical instructions
  • International medical graduate’s (IMG’s) medical diploma, transcript, and other documents allowing them to pursue U.S. graduate medical education (GME)
  • Medical brochures
  • Regulatory correspondence
  • Health education material
  • Clinical Trial Protocol (CTP), clinical trial data and summaries
  • Life sciences patents
  • Validation protocols and plans
  • HIPAA Authorization Forms
  • Toxicology reports
  • Articles for medical journals
  • Peer-review publications
  • Questionnaires for medical trials
  • Medical insurance claims and billing
  • Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Summaries of product characteristics (SPCs)
  • Medical records
  • Documents for refugee health programs
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
  • Serious Adverse Event (SAE)
  • Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)

Life Sciences Translation Service You Can Trust

Needing translation of HACCP documents, or other materials for U.S. FDA submissions? Life sciences document translations must be done accurately. A single word taken out of context or mistranslated could result in someone becoming sick or physically injured. In many countries, medical and pharmaceutical companies are among the most regulated industries and a simple error could result in a costly fine or a patent rejection. Healthcare providers require consent forms and medical brochures their patients completely understand.

Medical Translation Services for Non-English-Speaking Patients

Your hospital or clinic will benefit from having on hand medical documents and brochures in various languages. Having multilingual material patients can read on their own will separate your business from your competition. Especially if you’re having patients and medical tourists from other countries come over to your clinic for a specific procedure.  We also provide on-site medical interpreters for face-to-face medical interpreting and medical interpreters for telehealth counseling sessions between patients, medical tourists and providers.

Multilingual Medical Records Translation Services

Whether you need certified medical record translation services; want to have physician reports translated from any foreign language to English; require translation of multilingual clinical summaries, medical report translation, translation of medical forms; are looking for specialized medical document translation services for regulatory submissions; or need a research study translated to a foreign language and be accompanied by a Certificate of Translation approved by the American Translators Association, All Language Alliance, Inc. can assist. We provide accurate pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical document translation services and clinical trial translation services from and to English, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Spanish, Mozambican Portuguese, Arabic, and other languages. Contact our medical translation service today to request assistance with certified translation of specialized medical and scientific documents, such as user guides for services and instruments used in Flow Cytometry Core Facility.

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