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English to French legal document translation services are often required by businesses and law firms. If your company is thinking about having some French financial or legal documents translated into English, or having some English financial or legal documents translated into French, here are some important considerations to keep in mind when working with a legal translation services company.

At All Language Alliance, Inc. we utilize French to English certified translators to provide you with the best legal translation from French to English and from English to French. You can count on our in-person French deposition interpreters and French remote deposition translators for the best deposition interpreting services anywhere in the U.S.

The French securities watchdog, the Commission des Operations de Bourse, passed a rule stipulating that all financial prospectuses issued in France be drafted completely in French as opposed to being presented to market authorities in summary form only. This has caused consternation in some circles, as reported in an article published in the Securities Industry News, on the grounds that it goes against the trend towards standardization and the use of English in the financial industry. The English-speaking author claims to be more comfortable with the English term Stock Options, than the “much more poetic-sounding ‘Options sur Titres'”. However, this concept is often rendered in French by other terms, such as “option de souscription d’actions” or “option d’achat d’actions”. Obviously, if competent French translators who have good writing skills and work into their native language, French, are used, this will cut down on misunderstandings. If an attempt is made to cut costs by using translators who are not native French speakers, or by using translators who do not specialize in financial translations this can lead to more confusion.

French to English Translation of Legal Documents

Furthermore, not all French to English professional translators are capable of providing accurate legal and financial translations. For instance, a translator not familiar with finance and accounting may translate the term “écart d’acquisition” literally as “acquisition difference” rather than the correct term “goodwill”, or the term “résultat” literally as “result” instead of the correct technical term of “income” or “earnings”. An inexperienced French to English translator may translate “résultat courant” as “current income” instead of “income before exceptional items and tax”. One way to avoid confusion is to give the technical term in French in brackets in italics the first time it is translated into English.

If your company requires English to French legal translation services, please remember that there is still a good deal of inconsistency among French language financial terms and their British and US equivalents. This is due partly to the fact that in some cases there are several acceptable ways to say the same thing. Sometimes this comes down to the preference expressed by the client or target audience.

Good communication between you and your French legal translation services company is key. Provide your French to English translators with the guidelines regarding documents that describe complex financial products, such as FCPE (fonds communs de placement d’entreprise) with conditions that apply only in France. Different clients have different preferences for translating this term into English (e.g., “employer-sponsored mutual fund”, “employee share savings fund”). Therefore, it is often better to use the French term to avoid confusion after explaining it once in brackets using the term your company prefers.

Needing a French legal translator, certified translation of French to English ediscovery documents for international litigation, a French remote deposition translator for a Zoom deposition; an on-site French deposition interpreter; or an English to Canadian French translation of marketing documents?

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