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If you’ve got a successful business, the odds of you needing a German to English legal document translation services, a German deposition interpreter for a Zoom deposition in commercial litigation or arbitration, or a German to English patent translation are high, especially as it relates to German to English ediscovery translation services for international litigation. After all, nearly 83 million people speak this language in Germany — and millions more speak it in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and throughout Eastern Europe!

But if you’re planning on doing business with all of those German-speaking people, you’re going to need to plan on doing a number of English to German translations. That’s because Germans love to plan. They love it so much, in fact, that they like to have a paper trail to go along with everything they do. So, if you want your corporate German translation to be successful, it will need to be chock full of details.

What else will it need?

German to English Certified Translation Services

A good English to German document translation will also need to be very formal. It should start with a formal title – like “Mr.” or “Mrs.”. They may seem like a few simple letters to you, but to Germans, they show respect. In fact, your corporate German translation should never use the recipient’s first name unless you are specifically invited to do so. To do otherwise can be seen as a major slap in the face!

And speaking of formalities, yours need to be addressed to the very top. That’s because the German business culture is very hierarchical. All decisions are made at the top of the food chain, often by one specific person. So, before you even bother arranging for an English to German legal translation, make sure you know exactly who it’s going to. That way, you can gear your message specifically to that person.

In addition to all of your corporate documents, be prepared to put your resume through an English to German translation, too. That’s because Germans like to know all about someone before they do business with them. Expect your business counterparts to be very interested in your educational background.

You don’t have to worry about getting overly-personal, though. Unlike some of the other European business cultures, Germans don’t believe in establishing a personal relationship before signing on the dotted line. Simply learning more about your business’ history and your own personal achievements will be good enough for them.

English to German Translations by Certified German Translators

When it comes to an English to German legal translation, you’ll need to pay strict attention to detail. If your contracts and other legal documents don’t include even the most minute of details, your German business contacts probably won’t sign them.

As for your marketing documents, you may want to go over them in English before you translate them into German. That’s because all of the high-pressure, “act now!” sales copy that tends to work so well in English doesn’t work very well in German. If you plan on doing a lot of work in Germany, you may want to give those promotional materials a complete overhaul before you send them off. That way, you won’t risk offending anyone.

Above all else, you’ll need your English to German document translation to be done by a certified German translator who can work quickly – without making any sloppy mistakes. That’s because Germans are incredibly punctual. It doesn’t really matter what kind of message you send to them if you can’t send it in a timely fashion!

Contact our corporate translation service with expertise in German legal document translations and certified German to English translation for international e-Discovery to obtain a German to English certified legal document translation; a certified translation of a Federal Complaint for a service of process on a German insurance company to comply with the Hague Convention requirements; a Swiss German to English certified translation, to translate an SDS from English to German; to get an estimate for German to English technical translation services and German to English patent translations by certified German to English translators; to hire an in-person on-site German deposition interpreter for a live deposition; a German deposition interpreter for an international deposition via Zoom; a Mennonite Low German (Plautdietsch/ Plattdeutsch) deposition interpreter; or an Amish German/ Pennsylvania Dutch deposition interpreter.  We can also get your documents that are not written in English or German translated into German by sworn and judicially certified translators, which is required to apply for dual citizenship in Austria.  Get in touch with us to obtain Apostilles for the U.S. documents to be used in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Belgium.

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