Legal Document Translation

Certified Legal Translation Services for Attorneys

If you need a legal translation of a contract or patent, certified and notarized document translation services for international service of process; official translations of multilingual e-discovery, office actions, mining exploration and exploitation agreements, concessions, real property deeds, lease agreements, foreign laws; international heir/ beneficiary/ probate search; Apostille documents; forensic transcription and translation of a foreign language audio or video recording; voluntary statements to the police, proffers, compliance papers, persuasive supporting materials for a political asylum application, absolute accuracy is called for because so much is riding on each word. To win your case you need a legal document translation service whose certified translators for attorneys have “been there – done that”. You need legal translators, court interpreters, expert witnesses and linguistic experts with experience in legal proceedings involving foreign parties, foreign witnesses, and foreign evidence.  You require the best court certified translation services by professional legal translators with the expertise in translating documents for lawyers and litigation in any language.

Legal Document Translation for Litigation

We provide world-class legal document translation services for the in-house counsel; BigLaw; the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices; State Attorneys General offices; litigation boutiques; solicitors and barristers; and law firms practicing civil and commercial litigation. We work with legal and corporate clients across the whole nation and the world- from Los Angeles to New York, from Washington, D.C. to Miami, from Dallas to San Francisco, from Denver to Philadelphia, from Hong Kong to Paris, from Bangkok to the British Virgin Islands (BVI), from Taipei to Seoul, and from Singapore to London. We have delivered legal document translation services and certified translations of highly specialized technical and legal texts to Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP; Cooley LLP; Fish & Richardson P.C.; Skadden, Arps, Slate; Meagher & Flom LLP; Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP; Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.; Sideman & Bancroft LLP; Sherman & Howard L.L.C.; Ritsema & Lyon, P.C.; Haddon, Morgan and Foreman; Perkins Coie LLP, and to many other domestic and international law firms of all sizes. In fact, we specialize in urgent and time-sensitive legal document translation services for cross-border e-Discovery, international litigation and domestic litigation. Our legal translation company’s founder and CEO is a certified legal translator. She has served as interpreter in hundreds of depositions, has written extensively on the translation solutions for pretrial discovery and litigation, and is the author of A Lawyer’s Guide to Cross-Cultural Depositions and law translation blog Translation for Lawyers.

Legal Document Translation by World-Class Translators Nationwide

We understand that your multilingual electronic discovery (also known as e-discovery, ediscovery, eDiscovery, or e-Discovery), foreign language ESI (electronically stored information), emails, contracts, briefs, legal opinions, retainer agreements, license agreements, prenuptial agreements, patents and intellectual property (IP) law documents, letters rogatory, summonses, complaints, petitions, litigation papers, conveyances, transcripts of evidentiary tape recordings, employee manuals and handbooks, privacy statements for GDPR compliance, international Powers of Attorney (POAs), social media evidence, transactional documents, supporting documentation for EB-5 investor visa filing, insurance claim forms — all your highly technical and privileged evidentiary legal document translations for domestic and foreign litigation — have to be perfect because your reputation and ours are at stake. That’s why our legal translation service utilizes world-class certified legal translators and promises confidentiality, precision, attention to detail, exceptional quality, and timely delivery of most accurate law documents translation online. And, yes, we have U.S.-based legal translators, J.D.s, and lawyer-linguists available to assist your firm with time-sensitive e-discovery translation from any foreign language to English. This is especially helpful when dealing with ITAR-related documents, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized foreign persons having access to any export controlled technical data.

Translate Legal Documents from English to Simplified Chinese

Partner with our legal translation service to translate legal documentation early in your multilingual ediscovery and litigation translation project to obtain professional translation of responsive documents on a rolling basis. Needing to translate legal documents from English to Simplified Chinese; from Spanish to English; from Italian to English for use in a U.S. federal court? Looking for English to German legal translators, Korean to English translation services, a French translator for cross-border e-Discovery, a certified Swedish to English translation, a Russian to English legal language translator, Japanese to English patent translators, China language translators for an English legal translation to Traditional Chinese? No problem! During e-discovery, when your law firm or legal department will have either hard drives of data in multiple languages, or hundreds of pages of foreign language documents, consider bringing our experienced legal translators of court documents into your office to sort through piles and files and help your attorneys decide, which foreign language documents they need translated first.

Legal Document Translation Services in All Languages

Obtain your certified translation services from Mandarin Chinese, Swiss German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Hungarian, Romanian, Portuguese to English with a translation affidavit and a quick turnaround from the trusted legal translation company by filling out the green form “Hire a Certified Translator or Interpreter” on the right side of the screen. Our experienced translators for attorneys and lawyers are standing by to provide you with legal translation online and deliver certified and notarized document translation with a Certificate of Accuracy that will be accepted by any court.

Certified Apostille Translation and Apostille Services for Private Legal Documents, State/County-Issued Documents, Federally-Issued Documents to Be Used Abroad

Our nationwide apostille and certified legal document translation service with headquarters in Denver, Colorado, can obtain apostilles/ authentication/ legalization for private non-recordable legal documents; state Apostille for state/county certified recordable documents; and federal Apostilles for federal certified recordable documents issued in the United States that will be used abroad.  In addition, we will provide you with sworn certified Apostilled translation from English into the language of that specific country to make sure that the apostilled and authenticated U.S. legal documents and their certified foreign language translations would be accepted by the foreign court, or the foreign government agency you will be submitting our certified apostille translations to.

Court-Certified Interpreters for Domestic and International Depositions

In addition to legal document translation services, All Language Alliance, Inc. is the expert in deposition translation services, providing legal deposition interpreter services for on-site depositions and remote video depositions. We also provide check interpreters for depositions in high-stakes litigation, as well as primary deposition interpreters for:

  • Cross-cultural, foreign, transnational, cross-border, domestic live depositions and virtual remote telephonic and video depositions
  • Section 337 investigations at the ITC
  • Proffer meetings
  • EUOs (Examinations Under Oath)
  • Recorded statements
  • Insurance investigations and SIU interviews
  • Business meetings
  • IMEs (Independent Medical Exams), vocational assessments, FCEs (Functional Capacity Evaluations)
  • Arbitrations, court hearings, trials, mediation
  • Green card interviews, adjustment of status, naturalization, citizenship, and immigration interviews

Looking for a court-certified Mandarin deposition interpreter; an Israeli language translator; an official Spanish translator; an Anuak deposition interpreter; a Norwegian deposition interpreter for a video deposition via Zoom; a legal Bengali Over-the-Phone (OPI) interpreter; a Filipino translator; a Punjabi check interpreter; a Polish language translator; a Korean phone interpreter; a Turkish Zoom deposition interpreter; an Uzbek deposition interpreter; a Kunama deposition interpreter; a Low German Mennonite deposition interpreter; a Telugu deposition interpreter; an experienced Vietnamese translator; a Quebecois deposition interpreter fluent in Canadian French? Or maybe you need a Taishanese/ Toishanese deposition interpreter; a Cantonese Chinese interpreter; a Dari deposition translator; a Dinka deposition interpreter; a Sudanese Arabic deposition interpreter; a Tigrinya legal translator; a Ngambay interpreter; a Mongolian deposition interpreter; a Punjabi deposition interpreter; a Yoruba deposition interpreter; a Tibetan interpreter; a Malayalam interpreter; or a Mandarin interpreter for international arbitration in Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, or Hong Kong? Needing a Thai translator and interpreter with two law degrees to testify as an expert witness?  No problem! Our court-certified interpreters, conference interpreters with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Justice credentials, licensed interpreters, professionally qualified, language-skilled and registered court interpreters provide in-person and remote video deposition interpreting services via Zoom, CourtCall, Webex, Vertitext, and other video deposition platforms, and Over the Phone deposition interpreter services not only from English to the commonly used foreign languages but also to the rare and exotic foreign languages for which there are no court interpreter certification exams in the U.S. Our exotic language interpreters and legal deposition translators have years of courtroom translating experience. They understand foreign cultures and business etiquette – valuable skills for face-to-face legal interpreting. And you can rely on our law document translation service for complete confidentiality.

Legal Document Translation Services for Your Law Practice Area

Our professional legal translators are highly skilled in legal language translation of sophisticated law documents, including certified translations of patent litigation documents and multiple-language and dual-language contracts, for the following law practice areas:

  • Administrative Law
  • Admiralty and Maritime Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Antitrust
  • Arbitration
  • Art Law
  • Banking Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Business Law
  • Civil Law
  • Class Action Litigation
  • Consumer Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program
  • Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery) Law
  • Energy, Oil and Gas Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts
  • Family Law
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Anti-Corruption Law
  • Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA)
  • Franchise Law
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Health and Safety Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Information Governance
  • Insurance Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Internal Investigations and Corporate Compliance
  • International Law
  • Internet Law
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Lender Liability
  • Libel / Slander
  • Litigation and Pre-litigation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Mining Law
  • Patents, Trademark & Copyright
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Privacy Law
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Product Liability Litigation
  • Real Estate Law
  • Regulatory & Compliance Practice
  • Renewable & Alternative Energy Law
  • Tax law
  • Tort law
  • Workers’ Compensation

Website Translation Services for Law Firms

It’s a global community. And when doing business in other countries, or serving foreign-born clients here, you simply must have a professionally translated website. Law firms with accurate multilingual Web sites report increased clients rosters- and increased profits. Get legal translation prices for translating law documents from Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Kurdish, French, Romanian, Croatian, Sinhala, Mongolian, Romanian, Italian, Uzbek, Norwegian, and other languages to English, and for translating English legal documents to any foreign language. We’d be happy to discuss how our legal translations service can help your firm grow.

Attorney Translation Services for All Manner of Multilingual Legal Documents

Contact legal document translations service All Language Alliance, Inc. today to inquire about our legalese, lawyer language translation, lawyer-speak, attorney language translations, legal contract translation, certified translator services, notarized translation services, Apostille translation and Apostlle services, sworn translation services, international e-Discovery translation of multilingual data, document translation rates, and to retain a qualified translator/ interpreter, or a linguistics expert to serve as an expert witness.

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