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Certified Swedish to English document translation services, along with Apostille translation services, are often required for immigration, academic, medical and legal purposes. The Swedish language comes with a rich history. In fact, the very first version of Swedish (called “Old Swedish”) came from the Norse language — the same language spoken on the mighty Viking ships!

These days, if you plan on hiring someone to do a Swedish document translation for you, you’re going to need someone who pays attention to the small stuff. That’s because Swedish comes with all kinds of details that you don’t see in other foreign languages.

One good thing, though, is the fact that Swedish dialects don’t have any effect on written documents. Swedish speakers will talk slightly differently, depending on where they’re from, but they all write the same. That way, your translator only needs to focus on one style of writing!

One other thing you won’t have to worry about in a Swedish translation is being overly-formal. Over the years, written Swedish has gotten much less formal. By the end of the 19th century, it was almost as casual as the spoken language!

But that’s where the conveniences end. If you want to end up with the very best English to Swedish document translation, you’ve got to keep these details in mind:

The Swedish sentence structure isn’t always the same

Many times, Swedish uses the same Subject-Verb-Object sentence structure that English does. However, there are times when that structure doesn’t apply — like when Swedes want to place a major emphasis on something. In those cases, the verb can move to the end of the sentence.

As a result, your English to Swedish translator may have to rearrange some sentences before they’ll make sense — which means your English to Swedish document translation will take longer.

The Swedish punctuation is different

Even if you don’t speak a word of Swedish, you’ll notice that these documents look a little strange. That’s because the colon is used for some abbreviations, instead of a period. So, for example, “St. Michael” would be written as “S:t Michael” in Swedish.

The Swedish letters aren’t quite the same as ours

For the most part, Swedish uses the Latin alphabet — meaning it’s very similar to the English alphabet. However, Swedish also has three unique letters, which brings the grand total to 29.

Bragging isn’t a good thing

If you plan on doing an English to Swedish translation of your marketing materials, make sure they’re relatively subdued. That’s because Swedish people don’t like boasting. Marketing that you see as strong could be seen as overbearing and insulting to your Swedish customers.

“Thank you” goes a long way

If you receive anything from someone in Sweden — even if it’s just a short letter or those financial documents you requested — you need to say thank you. If you don’t, it’s considered a major insult. So, you’ll need to have a Swedish translator on hand just to write a couple of thank you notes!

Prepare long documents to translate to Swedish

Business people in Sweden tend to have every little thing spelled out. So, whether you’re doing a presentation, sending over a proposal, or trying to finalize a contract, you’ll have to go into a tremendous amount of detail. So, count on your Swedish document translation to be a lengthy one!

The same goes for documents you receive. Your Swedish to English translation can take awhile, simply because of all the details your Swedish counterparts have included!

The biggest benefit of taking care of all these details? Nearly 10 million people speak this language. By understanding exactly what a good Swedish to English translation service delivers, you can make the very best impression on your business contacts!

Swedish Deposition Interpreter Services for Depositions via Zoom

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