Danish to English Translation Services

English to Danish Document Translation Services

Certified Danish to English translation services, English to Danish translation and Danish deposition interpreter services in person and via Zoom are often required by law firms and corporations along with other Scandinavian languages, such as Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish and Swedish.

In most corporate documents, your goal is to make your company completely unforgettable. If you’re sending those documents off to Denmark, though, you’ll make a far better impression by NOT drawing attention to yourself!

In fact, most of the six million Danish speakers out there aren’t impressed with status symbols. Instead, they’ll value the fact that you can be humble about all of your achievements. Whether you’re talking about a big award your company just won or a big marketing presentation you’re getting ready for, the best Danish translation will make it all sound low-key.

In fact, you’ll make a much better impression if you have a ton of facts and figures to back up your position, instead of exaggerations. If you really want to wow your Danish business contacts, include a chart in with your English to Danish translated documents.

So, what ELSE do you need to know before your business invests in a professional Danish corporate document translation service?

Unlike other languages, you won’t have a ton of dialects to worry about. That’s because more than 25% of Danish speakers live in or around the capital city of Copenhagen. And, for the ones who don’t live there, they likely have an office there. As a result, people in Denmark don’t speak differently from region to region.

And, unlike other business cultures, Denmark businesses are the ultimate team effort. Instead of a hierarchical society where one person makes all of the decisions, everyone in a Denmark company will chime in. As a result, nothing gets done very quickly.

In keeping with that team effort, be sure to address your first Danish translation to the entire company, rather than just one person. You’ll make the best first impression that way!

One thing you can count on seeing immediately, though, is a lot of questions. In fact, Danes tend to be very direct. And, if you don’t have an answer that’s just as direct, it may look like you’re trying to hide something. That’s why the best Danish translation will be right to the point. In Denmark, professionals hate feeling like they have wasted even a second of their time.

Speaking of time, Danes appreciate the amount of time that your company has been in business. If your company has been successful for years and year, be sure to mention it in your very first Danish translation. That’s something that will grab attention right away!

If you want to get immediate attention, feel free to send your Danish translations via fax or email, instead of through traditional snail mail. Since Danes hate to waste time, they love the convenience that faxes and emails bring.

Just be sure that all of your written communication is formal. Any kind of Danish business correspondence is expected to be very formal — even if it’s coming through a medium that’s typically thought of a more casual.

Another thing you need to respect is your business counterparts’ summer vacations. In fact, you shouldn’t expect to get much accomplished between June and August, because that’s when most Danes go on vacation. Since family plays the biggest role in Danes’ social lives, most of your business contacts will take time off over the summer to be with their kids — and they certainly won’t want to be bothered with “shop talk”!

As long as you keep these “rules” in mind, your Danish translations can be a major success!

Once you know what goes into a successful English to Danish document translation, request a quote. Contact All Language Alliance, Inc. to hire a Danish to English deposition interpreter for an on-site in-person deposition, or a Danish deposition interpreter for a remote video deposition via Zoom. Get in touch with us to obtain Apostilles for the U.S. documents to be used in Denmark.

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