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Spoken by the vast majority of people who call Finland home, Finnish is actually one of two official languages in Finland (the other is Swedish). In return for sharing its official language status, Finnish is an official minority language in both Sweden and Norway, and a couple of Finnish dialects are spoken throughout Scandinavia. Luckily, all of the dialects are similar enough that they’re all mutually intelligible.

So, when you add it all up, more than six million people speak Finnish every single day!

But why is professional Finnish document translation so important for you and your business?

Because Finland is chock full of business opportunities! The country is a major exporter of metals (like ship parts, car engines, and electronics). It’s also a major player in the forestry industry, leading the way for things like paper and timber. As a result, the right Finnish translation can be just what you need to create major expansion for your business.

But what kind of Finnish translation is going to paint your business in the very best light?

You need to start with writing that’s very formal. When it comes to business in Finland, nothing gets in the way — not small talk, not personal relationships, nothing. That’s because Finns take their work time very seriously. Instead of “wasting” time getting to know you, they prefer that the focus be solely on business — which is why they are always formal, short, and to the point. They’ll expect any translated Finnish documents you send to them to be the same way.

And, in the spirit of making the most out of their time, Finns love the convenience of email. In fact, for business, they prefer it to meeting face to face, so feel free to email away!

However, even in the shortest of emails, you will still be expected to be formal. That means your Finnish translations will have to be on-point — even if you’re only emailing over a few quick sentences.

It won’t take you long to realize that the Finnish business culture is very direct. Your business contacts will say exactly what they think. Just remember not to take anything personally. Remember, everything is about business!

And when it comes to business, your Finnish business contacts won’t show a lot of emotion — either positively or negatively. They also won’t respond well to things that show an excess of emotion. So, before you put any of your promotional documents through a Finnish translation, you may want to tone them down. If they come across as being too “loud” to your Finnish contacts, they’ll be viewed as completely unprofessional.

Amazingly, for all of their formal expectations, there are not a lot of grammar rules in the Finnish language. In fact, Finns often swap the order of words around, without changing the meaning of the sentence. However, that means you’ll need a professional Finnish technical document translation service that can pick out even the tiniest of details. Otherwise, your Finnish to English translations will end up having the completely wrong message — and you could end up torpedoing the entire deal on a translation mistake!

Contact us to retain a Finnish deposition interpreter for a deposition via Zoom, and to obtain Apostilles for the U.S. documents to be used in Finland.

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