Norwegian to English Translation Services

English to Norwegian Translation Services

Looking for a Norwegian deposition interpreter for an on-site in-person deposition or a remote deposition via telephone or video conferencing? Thinking about obtaining English to Norwegian document translations or Norwegian to English business translation services?

Norwegian translation services, along with the other Scandinavian language translation services, such as Swedish to English translations, Finnish to English document translation, Danish to English translations and Icelandic to English translation services, play an important role in international commerce. Here are some useful facts to remember when working with English to Norwegian translators. Norway has two official written languages. Most business documents are written in ‘Bokmâl’, which has developed from Danish (Norway was part of Denmark for 500 years). The Norwegian government and its agencies are mandated to produce 25% of the documents in ‘Nynorsk’, which is based on Norwegian rural dialects.

The Norwegian financial markets are quite limited, especially when it comes to derivatives. Many English financial terms are used in absence of Norwegian-language equivalents (e.g. warrant, futures, etc.). Names of the mutual funds (e.g. Fidelity Far East Growth Fund) and indices (e.g. FTSE World) also appear in English in the Norwegian language documents.

Norwegian Translator Services for Your Industry

Experienced Norwegian translators are cognizant of the fact that there is a differentiation in the Norwegian language between the stock shares of public companies and the mutual funds shares. Shares of stocks are translated as ‘aksjer’, whereas mutual funds shares, or units, are translated as ‘andeler’.

If your company requires certified Norwegian document translation, try to allocate a lot of white space before typesetting Norwegian documents. Remember that English to Norwegian translators pull together the concepts, that are expressed using several English words, into a single long Norwegian word. Typesetting a Norwegian document into a template with narrow columns will result in a lot of hyphenation.

The Norwegian language uses a different numbering convention. The decimal point is a comma, and the thousand separator is either a dot or a space. There needs to be a space between the number and the percentage character (e.g. 15 %) and between the number and any measurement (e.g. 15 cm). Remember to ask your Norwegian translation company to proofread the English into Norwegian translation after it has been typeset.

Contact our legal and corporate translation company today regarding English to Norwegian professional translation services quote, to hire a Norwegian translator, a Norwegian deposition interpreter for a remote video deposition via Zoom, a Norwegian in-person on-site deposition interpreter, and to request Apostilles for the U.S. documents to be used in Norway.

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