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Translating legal documents from English to Italian? Certified Italian translators and Italian deposition interpreters at All Language Alliance, Inc. are at your service.

Spoken by more than 80 million people around the world, Italian is often referred to as one of the “languages of love”. However, it’s crucial that you get your English into Italian document translations right for business contacts, too!

Don’t Cut Corners in Certified Italian Translation:

1. Italians appreciate the effort

When you’ve gone to the trouble of having contracts or reports translated, your Italian business contacts will genuinely appreciate it. After all, the Italian business landscape is built on relationships. Instead of making decisions on a whim, Italians like to air out all of the ideas first, get to know everyone involved, and then decide what to do. Speaking their language (at least on paper!) is a great way to do all of that.

However, that doesn’t mean they’ll appreciate any ol’ effort. If your English into Italian certified translation isn’t done properly, your business contacts will be less than impressed.

2. Your first impression is crucial

For the most part, Italians communicate based on emotion — even in written form! If your English to Italian document translation isn’t up to snuff, it will send the wrong vibe right from the start, and you may never be able to correct it.

Plus, communicating effectively is considered a sign of quality education and good breeding in Italy. If you want your business contacts to think the very best of you, you’ll need a flawless Italian translation.

3. The Italian alphabet is a little different

The letters may look the same as the ones we use in English, but your Italian translation will only be able to take advantage of 21 letters. The Italian alphabet excludes the letters J, K, W, X, and Y. The only time these letters are ever used is in words that have been borrowed from other languages — like “taxi” or “jeans”.

4. The sentence structure can be unique

Typically, an Italian translation will follow a Subject-Verb-Object format (like what we use in English). However, the other words in the sentence can change things up. For example, you’ll see adjectives all over the place. Sometimes they’ll go before the noun they’re describing, and other times, they’ll go after it. There isn’t much rhyme or reason to it.

5. The verbs are complex

If you think the adjectives are confusing, wait until you see Italian verbs! There are six forms for each tense, so it can be easy for a less-than-experienced translator to get confused.

6. There are a lot of Italian dialects

When you start an Italian translation project, you’ll have to consider which part of the country the document is headed to. For example, the people in Tuscany will speak slightly differently than the people in the northern areas, while the people in the north will speak differently from the people in the central part of the country.

7. Italians aren’t sticklers for grammar — but they’ll know when you’re wrong

Your average Italian business contact won’t be able to rattle off grammatical rules, but he’ll be able to tell when your Italian translation isn’t quite right.

8. There are more abbreviations than you can imagine

When you go to do an Italian to English translation, your translator will have to start by making sense out of all the abbreviations. That’s because Italians use a lot of them in their business documents. They shorten everything from “Dear” to “bank account”!

9. You’re not just dealing with Italians

Italian isn’t just spoken in Italy. It’s also one of the four official languages in Switzerland. So, even if your business doesn’t have a big presence in Italy, you may still run into people who speak Italian.

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