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All Legal Translations Are Not Created Equal

First impressions matter. Plenty of amateurs can translate foreign language letters, chat conversations, emails, handwritten diaries, text messages, magazine articles, and so on.  But if you want to truly look your best when you plead your client’s case to the trial court, or deal with people from a different culture, you can’t rely on a non-specialist to translate your sensitive document into the language you don’t understand.

Certified Translations Accepted by the Court

You want to entrust your multilingual documents to a legal translation service that provides the best certified evidentiary translations that will be admissible in evidence and accepted by courts everywhere.

That’s why you need All Language Alliance, Inc.

Sure, there are lower-priced online agencies out there that are eager to outsource your confidential documents to some random self-proclaimed translators. But the quality of their work doesn’t come close to matching the quality of our certified translation services trusted by lawyers.

And isn’t the quality of the certified translation what matters most?

No matter what kind of document translation services you need, All Language Alliance, Inc. gives your business the best first impression you can possibly give to you can possibly give to a judge or a business contact both here and abroad.

Yes, We Provide Certified Translation Services in the Language You Need Seven Days a Week

Our notary and certified translation services, offered in over 100 high-demand and rare foreign languages, including Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, French, Korean, Spanish (view full list of Scandinavian, Asian, African, European languages here) include:

Legal Translation

Legal translation services for litigation, e-Discovery. Certified translations of letters rogatory, EB-5 visas, immigration papers for the USCIS, IP documents.

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Technical Translations

Technical translation services. Scientific and engineering translations.  Technical interpreting at GMP audits of pharma facilities.

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Business Translations

Financial translation services, insurance translation services, corporate translation, banking translation services.

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Medical Translations

Medical translation services, pharmaceutical translation, clinical trial translation. Certified medical interpreters for medical tourists, LEP patients, IMEs, hospitals.

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Certified Translators with Knowledge of Your Industry

Your certified document translation needs matter to us. You give us your trust, and in return our certified legal, technical and medical translators provide you with the very best support and industry-specific knowledge so that nothing gets lost in the official document translation.

  • Your legal papers retain their exact meaning.
  • Your sales copy still entices.
  • Your financial, technical, and medical documents communicate clearly and precisely.
  • Your USCIS certified translation, sworn, notarized and Apostille translations, certified translations of court documents, insurance papers, contracts, financial statements, academic documents, litigation papers, public and personal documents read as if they were originally written in that language.

Certified Translation Service that Boosts Your Sales

There are lots of ways to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas, so it’s critical that your certified translation service present you in the best possible light from the perspective of your contact’s cultural values and beliefs.

That’s what differentiates All Language Alliance, Inc. from highly discounted translation companies. Our expert technical, medical and legal translators are not merely certified. They are highly trained to provide business translation services to present your company in the most positive light possible.

Thank you very much! No wonder you are so highly recommended around here.
Global law firm in Los Angeles, CA

Why take unnecessary chances with your global image?

Hire our certified translation company to boost your sales, and open up brand new avenues of risk-free communication with your international clients.

All Language Alliance, Inc. is a business document translation company you can trust to provide professional legal translation services, official certified translations, medical translation services, on site legal interpreter services and over the phone deposition interpreting services into more than 100 languages.

Certified Document Translation Service with a Global Reach

Our witnesses often speak only Polish, Korean, Tagalog, Japanese, and other less common languages. Your deposition interpreters are incredibly professional. They allow us to complete all the depositions with ease.
Business law firm in Denver, CO

With headquarters in the Denver Metro area, our legal translations company is dedicated to servicing the foreign language needs of law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government clients in Denver, Colorado, and nationwide, employing certified human translators and expert interpreters.

Our certified translators specialize in translating legal documents for businesses and law firms. Our legal deposition interpreters focus on interpreting domestic and foreign depositions from and into rare, exotic and uncommon languages, and from and into widely spoken foreign languages in Denver, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Hong Kong, Germany, and other places worldwide.

…many thanks for delivering this on time. We appreciate your excellent service.
Medical device company in Framingham, MA

We get lots of patients who don’t speak English. We are very happy with your medical interpreters who speak Lao, Nepali, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and other hard-to-find languages.
Medical clinic in Boulder, CO