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English to Vietnamese Translation Services

Needing a Vietnamese to English interpreter in Hanoi, Vietnam, or an English to Vietnamese interpreter for an on-site deposition in Denver, Colorado, USA, or a Vietnamese deposition interpreter for a Zoom deposition? Vietnamese to English translation services and English to Vietnamese document translations are often required by law firms and corporation, along with other languages of Southeast Asia, such as Burmese (Myanmar), Thai, Lao, and Khmer (Cambodian).  Close to 80 million people speak the Vietnamese language in Vietnam, and millions more speak it throughout Asia. However, Vietnamese is in an entirely different classification from its Southeastern Asian language counterparts.

What’s the story behind this Asian language?

Many Vietnamese words come from Chinese. However, it uses a Roman alphabet, instead of Chinese-type characters. Plus, Vietnamese has its own unique twist– thanks to the years that the French spent ruling the area back in the 1800’s. Vietnamese has a few regional dialects, but none are very different from each other. Instead, the biggest difference is in the accents. Much like in the U.S., people from the northern part of Vietnam have a different accent than their southern counterparts. Luckily, though, that won’t affect your Vietnamese document translations!

And speaking of your English to Vietnamese translations, it’s vital that you get them absolutely perfect. That’s because the Vietnamese take their national pride very seriously. After all, they have gone through a long struggle for independence. As a result, they are deeply offended by anyone who ignores or disregards their culture or traditions. Even the slightest mistake in your English to Vietnamese translation can be perceived as a major insult!

So, what do you need to know before you hire a translation service to provide Vietnamese document translation services?

Unlike other countries, you don’t have to worry about being very formal when you send documents off to Vietnam. In fact, you’ll immediately feel a social vibe coming from your Vietnamese counterparts – a sharp contrast to how business is done in the Western world.

The most formal thing you’ll have to worry about is the titles you use in your translated documents. When possible, use professional titles, like “Dr.” or “Chairman”. If someone doesn’t have a professional title, there are special titles that your Vietnamese translator can use, depending on the age and gender of the person receiving the document.

For example, if both of you are the same age, “Anh” is an appropriate title, but if the recipient is younger than you are, “Em” is a better choice

Remember, the Vietnamese place a big emphasis on age in their entire culture (not just in the business world), so it’s important to get these titles right.

Other than that, though, you should feel comfortable getting to know your Vietnamese business associates. In fact, the Vietnamese business culture likes to go back and forth between work and personal territory. Soon after you start working together, you should feel like friends.

During your business relationship, you need to be very sincere with your promises. Never say something unless you really mean it. The Vietnamese really believe in taking people at their word. In fact, you should consider editing your promotional documents so that they don’t inadvertently make any insincere promises.

When it comes time to negotiate, count on it taking awhile. That’s because Vietnam is a hierarchical society. Here, decision-making is based on seniority. However, you may have different leaders in different areas – meaning that you’ll have to deal with an entire group. And in that group, there won’t be any single person with absolute power. Instead, you’ll have to appeal to all of them.

Another reason negotiations can take so long is that foreigners have a lot of government hoops to jump through. There are a lot of permits and licenses that will apply to you that won’t apply to Vietnamese citizens, so you’ll need to rely on Vietnamese to English corporate translation service just to make sense out of all the government documents!

Vietnamese Deposition Interpreters in Denver, Colorado, and Elsewhere

In the end, though, doing business in Vietnam can be a wonderful experience. After all, where else do you get to feel like you’re genuinely working with friends.

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