Proofread Your Foreign Documents

Technical Translations Require Proofreading

Finally. Your professionally translated pharmaceutical brochure proof is in your hands, ready to be duplicated and shipped to your global audience. Is your language translation work done?

Only if you are comfortable gambling with your firm’s international reputation. Typesetting mistakes happen—even with English-language documents. Omitted words, spelling errors and incorrect punctuation are common even with the most careful typesetter. Fortunately, a quick proof usually makes mistakes simple to spot and change. However, when an English-speaking typesetter works with a document translated into Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, or Portuguese, the potential for embarrassing problems is increased.

Your graphic designer, typically an English speaker, cannot identify inconsistencies such as omissions, extra letters, missing accent marks, inappropriate hyphenation or capitalization in your foreign language copy. Unfortunately, your marketing department is just as unqualified to proof foreign language text. The result is often embarrassing, causing your company to look American-centric at best—and illiterate at worst—overseas.

Your translation firm should be able to accurately proof your document, finding those errors you don’t want printed. Typesetting errors become especially dangerous with foreign language biomedical translations or pharmaceutical translations. An unclear carton label—or a mistranslated TL (technical leaflet) can cause widespread consumer confusion. In the case of pharmaceutical brochures and product labels, any confusion can cause illness or even death.

Why not be absolutely certain your US-based vendors have perfectly typeset your meticulously translated text? Protect your investment by having your technical translation company proof your typesetter’s work. You’ll have the peace-of-mind knowing that your document is error-free, clear and concise—and your end readers will clearly understand your document’s original meaning.

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