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Our Professional Certified Translation Services Save You Time, Money, and Embarrassment

Language breakdowns resulting from poorly translated documents can be embarrassing and costly—jeopardizing your customer relationship, your brand identity, and increasing your liability.

Why take unnecessary chances with your international image? Hire our corporate translation agency, and open up brand new avenues of risk-free communication with your target markets around the globe and close to home. Here's a summary of what we can do for you.

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Legal Translations
Legal Interpreting

Certified legal document translation, USCIS certified translations, multilingual e-Discovery translating service. Court-certified interpreters for depositions. Legal Web site and Web page translation.

Technical Translations
Engineering Interpreting

Science and engineering translations of white papers, proposals, presentations and manuals. Interpreting for technical meetings, international delegations, conferences, conventions.

Financial Translations
Corporate Interpreting

Certified translation of insurance documents, financial statements, and annual reports; Web sites, marketing and advertising materials. Interpretation of business meetings and focus group discussions.

Medical Translations
Healthcare Interpreting

Certified medical, biomedical, and pharmaceutical document translations. Healthcare interpreters for hospitals, medical appointments, psychological evaluations, vocational assessments.

Certified Translation Services

Certified Translators and Professional Interpreters with Knowledge of Your Industry

All Language Alliance, Inc. is a specialized foreign language translation agency you can trust to provide confidential and professional human foreign language translation, multilingual certified document translation services, legal translation services, in-person and phone language interpreter services into more than 100 languages and dialects.

With headquarters in the Denver Metro area, we are dedicated to servicing the foreign language needs of law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government clients in Colorado and nationwide, employing professional foreign language translators and foreign language interpreters. We support not only the most widely spoken languages, but also rare, exotic and uncommon languages.

Quality in multilingual translation and interpretation is vital to business people, their organizations, and to individuals. It is a matter of integrity and of trust. At All Language Alliance, Inc. we take your trust very seriously.

You don't cut corners in your business, and neither do we. You give us your trust, and in return you get our very best support and attention to detail. So that nothing gets lost in translation. Your legal papers retain their exact meaning. Your sales copy still entices. Your financial, technical, and medical documents communicate clearly and precisely. And your certified, notarized and Apostille translations, immigration and insurance documents, and other translated public and personal documents read as if they were originally written in that language.

Ediscovery and legal documents are very nuanced. Errors in translation and interpretation can be very costly and have a major impact upon individuals and organizations.

Technical and engineering documents are very specific in nature. Getting the details wrong could be legally and financially of massive significance.

Financial, ecommerce and corporate documents are vastly important to individuals and shareholders. Mistranslation could cause huge damage.

Medical and healthcare documents are profoundly important to the individual and to medical healthcare professionals. It is hard to imagine anything more dangerous than an error in translation in these circumstances.

We take all of these issues seriously, to point of being pedantic. We handle all your foreign language needs with the utmost care, precision and understanding. We will not let you down.