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There’s a growing need for Anuak deposition interpreters for deposition interpreting services via Zoom, and for Anuak court interpreting services for court hearings and trials. The Anuak language is spoken by just over a 100,000 people primarily in the western part of Ethiopia and in South Sudan. Like many uncommon, rare and exotic languages around the world, it has found its way into the United States through the immigration of the people from that part of the world. The case we are covering today is from the Court of Appeals of Minnesota, and the name of the case is In the Matter of the Welfare of the Children of M. O., Parent.

Anuak Translation Services in Civil Litigation

The case involves a mother of nine children, two of which were 6-year-old twins who became the subject of the issues in this case. In fact, the mother only had custody of the twins as she was considered a vulnerable adult. As a result of her status, she was catered to by a developmental disability case manager, a semi-independent living services worker, as well as a representative payee who paid her rent and bills.

This case was really set into motion when the local police department received a tip that the mother had been physically abusive towards the twins. Police officers then visited the home, took the children away from the mother, and placed them in the custody of Ramsey County Community Human Services Department (RCCHSD). At that point, RCCHSD developed a case plan for the mother to follow so that she could ultimately take back custody of the children. The case plan identified family needs, including parenting skills, domestic violence, and chemical health which the mother needed to focus on in order to take adequate care of her children.

However, the mother was unable to adequately follow the case plan, as alleged by RCCHSD. At some point thereafter Ramsey County Community Human Services Department petitioned to have the mother’s parental rights terminated on the basis that the mother was not fit to be a parent for the twins. Essentially, RCCHSD was not satisfied with the mother’s progress in following their case plan.

At trial the mother claimed that RCCHSD’s services were not sufficient because she understands “very little” English which prevented her from communicating with RCCHSD’s staff adequately.

She claimed that she immigrated to the United States in 1995, and her native language was Anuak. She further claimed that she had never received any training in the English language. However, in contradiction to her own argument, she admitted to talking to her various case workers, the boys’ foster parents, her attorney, as well as others, in English, and understanding them. In further weakening her language-based argument, she answered questions in English at trial, even before the Anuak court interpreter could finish translating a specific question. Furthermore, she also admitted that she was able to successfully communicate with others in English.

The court did not buy her argument that she did not understand enough English, and, therefore, RCCHSD had to provide an Anuak interpreter to her. The court took note of the fact that she had never raised any English language comprehension issues before in any of her communications with RCCHSD, or their staff. The court also stated that had she expressed any language barrier-related concerns, RCCHSD would have been required to provide an Anuak interpreter. In the end, the court sided with RCCHSD, and terminated the mother’s parental rights.

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This case underscores the importance of legal translation and interpreting services, no matter how exotic and rare the foreign language might be. Had she had any genuine English language comprehension issues, the mother should have pointed them out from the outset. This essentially would have obligated Ramsey County Community Human Services to provide an Anuak interpreter. The fact that the mother kept communicating in English and did not express any language-related concerns made the court think that her arguments were unfounded.

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