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Is your company thinking about having some English corporate or business documents translated into Czech, or having some Czech documents translated into English? Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when working with a translation firm providing Czech into English and English into Czech translation services.

With a rapid advent of new technology in many fields of knowledge in the last decade, neither Czech linguists nor technical experts have been able to keep up with the flood of business and technical concepts and terms, which originally were only available in English. As a result, unaltered English terms, slightly bohemicized English terms, as well as their non-standardized Czech equivalents often coexist haphazardly in the documents, generated by Czech branches of some American companies. Due to this trend, the professional English-Czech translators, based in the United States, sometimes have to defend the quality of their work against the encroachment of non-standard terminology, as well as against zealous overediting by in-country representatives, who are not linguists per se.

If your company plans to have your English documents translated into Czech in the United States and use Czech-based translators or in-country staff as editors, write the English documents with your specific target audience in mind. Take time to prepare a glossary of key terms, with a special focus on your company and the industry jargon. Beware the alphabet soup caused by acronyms. Set acceptable editing standards to insure a frequent, timely and reasonable feedback from the editor to the translator. In the most controversial cases, be prepared to invite a neutral bilingual company employee to serve as an arbiter between the editor and the translator.

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