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Needing an English to Nepali on-site deposition interpreter or a Nepali remote deposition interpreter for  for your law firm’s clients? Looking for a Nepali to English medical interpreter in Denver, Colorado? All Language Alliance, Inc. can help.  Nepali, also known as Nepalese language, may not get as much attention as other languages do, but this is still a widely-spoken language. As the official language of the South Asian country of Nepal, it is spoken by most of — and understood by virtually all of — the country’s 26 million residents. It’s also spoken in parts of India and Bhutan. Worldwide, it’s estimated that a whopping 42 million people speak this language. so if you plan on doing a lot of international business, you’ll likely need to find a professional Nepali to English translation service at some point!

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What makes for a good certified English to Nepali translation?

Nepali language has a number of very specific grammar rules. For example, the verbs have four different forms — and, depending on which form you use, it may have to agree with the gender and number of the noun.

But while a good English to Nepali translation will include a very formal style of grammar, your correspondence itself doesn’t have to be so formal. In fact, the people who live in Nepal typically want to develop a personal relationship before they move onto business. This may involve sending more correspondence than you’re used to — and discussing topics that you don’t necessarily talk about with your business contacts — but it can make a huge difference in the long run.

This slow progression is also common among the Nepali speakers in India. In fact, you’ll likely be considered rude if you dive right into business talk without first asking about your contact’s hobbies and family!

If you’re dealing with a business whose employees speak Nepali, keep in mind that you’ll likely only interact with the people at the very top. This “top down” way of doing business is very common in both Nepal and India. As a result, your Nepali translator should address all correspondence to the most senior person you have contact information for. Your contacts can be formally addressed in two ways — either with “sir” or “madam”, or by adding “-ji” onto the end of the person’s name. Both options are considered equally proper.

While you’ll need to address your contacts formally, a good Nepali interpreting service will also understand the importance of not being too direct. In this part of the world, you’re unlikely to hear a firm “no”. Instead, you’ll get a response that’s much more vague — like “I will try” or “Let me think about it”.

And finally, remember that it takes a special expert to properly handle your Nepali to English translation. This language has some dramatic differences from the English language, and as a result, it’s very difficult to learn.

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