Certified Translation Services in All Languages

What is a Certified Document Translation?

In addition to legal translation services from any language to English, companies and individuals often require certified translations.  A certified translation means that a signed statement has been issued that declares that a translation is complete and accurate to the best of the translator’s abilities. Keep in mind a translator does not need to be necessarily “certified” to provide a “certified translation.” Furthermore, any qualified translator can “certify” a translation.

Common documents that require a certified translation:

Birth Certificates
Marriage Licenses
Academic Transcripts and Academic Records
Legal documents
Powers of Attorney
• Commercial documents
Government documents
Apostille documents and certificates
Employee Manuals and Employee Handbooks
• Equipment manuals

How to Find Certified Translation Services

There are a number of approaches you can take to finding a certified translation service:

• Search online for a freelancer – With the increased availability of freelance employment options online, many professional translators are providing their services online. Whether you are looking for official translation services, medical translation services, legal translation services, or academic translation services, you may be able to find a certified translation professional online.

• Word of mouth – It is highly likely that your colleagues have used a certified translation services provider at one time or another. If you are in the health industry for example, medical translation is a vital and commonly used resource. Reach out to colleagues in the sector for recommendations.

• Referral – you can visit your local attorney’s office to find out if they know of a certified translator they can refer to you.

• Translation agency – language translation agencies specializing in certified legal translation are one of the more straightforward approaches to finding a certified translation professional. Do your research before deciding to hire a translation agency for your certified translations.

Legal documents translation service uses certified translators and sworn translators to produce certified document translation services that are accepted by the court, government, academic, insurance companies.

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