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English to Hungarian Legal Document Translation

English to Hungarian translation services, Hungarian to English patent translations, and Hungarian deposition interpreters are often needed by U.S. companies.  More than 15 million people around the world speak Hungarian. You can think of them all as belonging to a special “club” because this particular language has so many unique features!

Unlike many other languages, Hungarian doesn’t have a European “cousin”. As a result, it doesn’t share many similarities with any of the world’s other popular languages. Instead, the Hungarian language can be traced back to the Finn-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family — a language that goes back thousands of years.

What makes English to Hungarian document translation so different?

Hungarian is chock full of unique grammar rules and odd letters that go way beyond the traditional Roman alphabet. As a result, Hungarian is considered to be one of the hardest languages to learn. That’s why finding the right Hungarian to English document translation service is so important!

So, what should you be looking for in an English to Hungarian business document translator?

1. Hungarian translator who is well-versed in conjugations

Doing a Hungarian to English translation can be tricky because you won’t find gender words like “he”, “she”, or “they”. Instead, the verbs themselves change to reflect the gender of the sentence’s subject.

For example, instead of saying “he plays tennis” or “she plays tennis”, a Hungarian translation would use two different words for “plays”. Depending on who exactly was doing the playing, the verb would change from sentence to sentence. If your Hungarian to English translator can’t keep all of the different conjugations straight, you may never know who exactly is being talked about!

2. Hungarian translator who has been studying it for a long time

Despite the fact that millions of people speak it, there are few people who can actually offer English to Hungarian translation services because the language takes so long to learn! In fact, the U.S. State Department classifies Hungarian as a Category II language — meaning that it’s only slightly easier to learn than Category III languages (like Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Wu).

3. Hungarian translator who understands all of the different dialects

As complex as an English to Hungarian translation can be from a grammatical standpoint, it becomes even more tedious when you consider that Hungarian has eight different dialects!

These dialects aren’t completely different. For example, someone who uses one of them will still understand the gist of documents that are written in another Hungarian dialect. However, if you want your Hungarian translation to make the very best impression, you’ll have to make sure that your documents end up in the appropriate dialect for the people who are going to be reading them.

4.Hungarian translator who understands the importance of saying goodbye

In Hungary, it’s not considered polite to leave without saying goodbye. Even if you go into a random store and leave without buying anything, you are expected to say goodbye to the person who works there.

That’s why a good English to Hungarian translation should always include a clear ending — like “sincerely”, “thank you for your time”, “I wish you a good day”, etc. If it doesn’t, you may wind up inadvertently offending the recipient!

5. Hungarian translator who can be formal

According to Hungarian culture, unless you are friends with someone, you are expected to address them formally. If you receive a Hungarian to English translation, you’ll see that it is written very formally. When you correspond back, you will be expected to be just as formal. Otherwise, it can be seen as improper and downright rude!

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