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English to Spanish Legal Translation Services

The number of Spanish speakers here in the U.S. grows every day. In fact, the U.S. now has more Spanish speakers than Spain does! So, if you do business in Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, Phoenix, El Paso, Dallas, Denver — or any other city that has a large Spanish-speaking population — there’s a very good chance that you’re going to need a trusted Spanish to English legal translation service.

Luckily, once you have a reliable translation company to work with, you can trust them to handle everything from your depositions, to your legal briefs, to your case summaries, to your trademarks, patents and contracts, to your merger agreements, to your certified documents and Apostille translation.

However, you’ve got to find the RIGHT legal translation service first. Here’s how you do it:

Look for a translation service that has specific legal knowledge

Even if you’re not a lawyer, you know that there is virtually an entire language worth of legal jargon. The last thing you need is for your Spanish translator to get confused. After all, even a tiny mix up can lead to huge consequences!

That’s why you need a Spanish translation service with experience in legal matters. You need an interpreter who has been to countless depositions and who has translated a variety of certified legal documents. Just like you wouldn’t trust your medical translations to someone without any kind of medical knowledge, you shouldn’t trust your legal translations to someone who doesn’t understand all of the ins and outs of the legal process.

Bottom line — a good legal translation company will have experience in all areas, from administrative law, to tax law, and everything in between.

Hire a translation service that can keep the tone of your message intact

When it comes to legal proceedings, the tone of your contract, letter, or brief can be just as important as its contents. If you’ve written documents in English with a no-nonsense approach, you need that style to carry over into your translated documents. Otherwise, they may not evoke the response you want.
Rest assured, though, that a good Spanish translation service will also make sure that you’re not completely ignoring any cultural differences that may stand between you and your counterparts. The very best translators will let you know when or if your message doesn’t adhere to the cultural norms.

Find a legal translation service that can work quickly

The term “time is money” applies to just about every business, but the legal industry comes with even tighter deadlines than most. Miss one, and your case could be dismissed, your contract could expire, or your competitors could have a chance to swoop in.
Fortunately, the best Spanish legal translation services understands the kind of time crunch that you face. Accordingly, they’ll be able to translate your legal documents from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English quickly — without sacrificing any of the accuracy. After all, you don’t just have to work quickly; you also can’t make mistakes!

Understand the difference between translation and interpretation

An interpreter handles oral communication — like depositions and court hearings. A translator, on the other hand, handles written communication — like your motion briefs and your contracts. Just because someone is qualified to interpret for you doesn’t mean he’s qualified to translate for you. After all, written communication can be much more complicated, thanks to spelling, grammar, and vocabulary nuances.
So, think about the exact work you need done before you hire someone. If your project includes a lot of paperwork, you’ll need someone who specializes in legal translations. And, remember, legal translations can be much tougher than the “average” translation project because there may not always be a direct Spanish counterpart to an English word or phrase. In those cases, it will be up to your legal translator to figure out what’s being said and come up with a word or phrase that conveys the same meaning.

Bottom line — the right Spanish legal translation company can make sure you’re covered in any situation

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