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Attorney Translation Services Tips

Tip 1- Do Not Hire a Non-Professional Interpreter for Your Legal Matter:

Do not hire a non-professional legal interpreter who is not even a native speaker of the foreign language in question. Is your legal department speaking the same foreign language as your multilingual clients? Poorly translated documents or sub-par court interpretation can change a case’s outcome, injure a company’s international reputation, and even elicit a class-action lawsuit. Your reputation is literally in your legal foreign language translator’s hands—and an unqualified foreign language translator can bring disastrous results. Read more.

Tip 2- Financial Document Translation is More than Just Typing in Another Language:

Do not view foreign language translation as just typing in another language. What would happen if your entire case literally hung on a word? When is a “guarantee” not a “guarantee?” The answer: When it’s translated from Italian. Read more.

Tip 3- Hire a Legal Translation Company and Have Human Translators Translate Your Legal Documents:

Do not have your legal and financial documents translated by a “universal translator”, computer translation devices, or translation software. Why hire a professional legal translation company? Instant translations can have humorous – yet disastrous results. An article in the Wall Street Journal relates the story of a cheesecake store owner who received angry emails complaining about his translations. With descriptions ranging from “frightening” cheesecake (for chilled cheesecake), and a “chocolate-integrated circuit” cheesecake, the owner’s international reputation was sullied. Read more.

Tip 4- Legal Translation Requires Knowledge and Expertise:

Do not yield to the temptation of cheap and fast legal translations. Sure, you can answer spam emails touting legal translation for $10 a page. Or, press your legal translation company for a 24-hour turnaround. However, your least expensive and fastest translations can mean huge problems later. Read more.

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