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Translation Services Fees

Thank you for giving our legal and corporate foreign language translation company the opportunity to help you with your legal, technical, medical, or financial translations and interpreting needs. The rates for our professional and confidential translation services vary according to the language, volume, technicality of the document, formatting requirements, and the document translation delivery deadline.

Foreign Language Interpreting Quotes

For a free customized no-obligation, confidential foreign language interpretation quote, please email the following information:

  • Foreign language or dialect spoken by your client, guest, claimant, patient, or witness
  • His/her country of origin
  • Exact location of the meeting (mailing address, including zip code), as well as the phone number at that location
  • Date, time, and planned duration of the meeting
  • Describe the event requiring professional foreign language interpreters’ services. (E.g. legal deposition interpreting; medical interpreting for a hospital, doctor’s office, health clinic, home health agency; consecutive interpreting during technical training at a U.S. biotechnology facility; verbal translation of a Feng Shui consultation; international conference interpreting; translating during an attorney-client meeting; international wedding ceremony translation; language interpreting at a trade show). When requesting a foreign-language interpreter for a legal deposition in a civil case, please outline the nature of the case – (e.g. a patent infringement lawsuit related to a disk storage device for computing; a personal injury case, etc.).
  • Type of foreign language interpretation (consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting) required

Foreign Language Document Translation Rates

Please understand that it is difficult for a translation company to give you a rough estimate over the phone—sight unseen. We will provide you with a no-obligation confidential document translation quote after examining copies of all English and foreign language documents that need be translated—or—at least, some representative samples thereof.

For a custom translation rate estimate, please be ready to email your document file(s), preferably in Microsoft Word file format.

If only a hard copy of the foreign language document is available, please scan the document and email it in the PDF file format. In your email message, please indicate:

  • The target language or languages that the document needs to be translated into
  • Who your target audience (country or ethnic group) is
  • Your desired document translation delivery date, or multilingual e-discovery document review completion date.

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