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  1. Certified Translation Services: Translation Blunders with Major Consequences
  2. Certified Translation Saves Lives
  3. What is a Certified Translation?
  4. Find a Translator
  5. Growing Careers in Translation Services
  6. Great Online Courses for Learning Translation
  7. Legal Translation: Seven Outrageous Cases Where Translation Errors Changed Lives
  8. Legal Translators: 30 Best Document Translation Tools for a Perfect Translation
  9. Authenticating Documents For Use In Foreign Countries: Notarization, Hague Apostilles, Certifications and Certified Translations
  10. Court Interpreter Services for Deposition of Foreign Witnesses Abroad
  11. Power of Attorney Certified Translation Services
  12. Legal Translation Tips
  13. Translating English-Language Contracts to Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog to Comply with the California Translation Law
  14. Tips on Working with Deposition Interpreters
  15. Multilingual Translation Tips
  16. Legal Translation for Language Discrimination Cases
  17. Translators vs. Interpreters
  18. Legal Translation to Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), EU’s Data Privacy Law
  19. How to Write a Copy for Foreign Audience
  20. Legal Translation to Comply with Global Workplace Language Laws
  21. Legal Translation for Patent Litigation
  22. Legal Translation of Employee Handbooks
  23. Prenuptial Agreement Translation Services
  24. Franchise Agreement Translation Services
  25. Legal Translation to European Languages
  26. Legal Translation to Asian Languages
  27. Mandarin Chinese Translation Services for China Litigation
  28. The Hague Convention Legal Translation Services
  29. Legal Translator and Legal Interpreter Services for RON (Remote Online Notarization)
  30. Translation Sanctions Vacated against Company for Attorney’s Misconduct in Contract Translation Dispute